There are some situations when a hearing test is necessary. If you are wondering if you need one, or if a loved one needs one, it is important to consider your overall ability to hear. Many people who suffer from some level of loss do not know they have it. In fact, it is more common for family and friends to notice this sooner than their loved one realizing it is occurring. However, this does not mean you should do anything. In fact, if you believe someone is experiencing this type of loss of the ability to hear, it is up to you to inform him or her of this need.

Is It Happening?

Whether you are considering your own ability to hear or that of another person, it is important to know the symptoms of this type of loss. To do that, you need to consider the most common symptoms of the condition but do realize that everyone shows this loss differently. Some people learn to work around the loss and there before can easily hide it from loved ones. If you notice any of these symptoms occurring, you should seek out a hearing test to learn more about the condition.

• For some people, muffling of speech and other sounds are the most common indications of a problem. You can hear something but it does not sound like words.

• Some individuals have trouble with specific words. In other cases, it is all types of sound. This will be especially difficult when there is background noise or other people talking at the same time. It is hard to understand words when there are numerous sounds occurring at once.

• A key sign of a problem occurs when a person frequently requests others to repeat what they are saying. They may ask them to speak slower, louder or clearer. The other person may not be speaking improperly to other people, though.

• Individuals who withdraw from social settings are also more likely to struggle with the ability to hear. Some people just pull out of these situations because they can not communicate well enough.

• The need to turn the television louder is also a key indication of a problem. If you walk into the home and the sound is loud, this could be a sign.

• Individuals who do not remain in conversations, or even avoid them, are more likely than not to be suffering from some level of loss.

A hearing test can confirm that there is or is not a problem. A specialist should conduct the test if there is a likelihood that the individual is struggling.