The Wi Series of hearing aids from Starkey provides a very significant benefit. It truly gains and improves upon the spatial sound performance of hearing aids.

This has been a significant problem with many other devices and Starkey offers tremendous advantages and benefits in this area. So let's explore more about this innovative and exciting product.

The device offers Starkey's proprietary and advanced noise suppression and speech preservation features. This means that it allows you to discern normal conversations in noisy environments.

This has been a significant challenge for most hearing aids and the Wi Series overcomes many of the challenges present in these environments. It lets you hear what you were meant to hear-conversation and not just noise.

The on board and integrated wireless solutions allow you to connect the Wi hearing devices to a variety of wireless devices. For example you can listen comfortably to the TV, MP3 players, or even your cell phone without hanging on the external speakers from these devices.

This means that you can listen to this device in comfort along with other people. Each of you can listen to the device at levels right for your hearing. You do not have to hear the complaints from other family members to cut down on the volume!

And with the unique wireless ear to ear communication, your Wi series hearing devices can automatically adjust each hearing aid for sound levels appropriate for the particular listening experience.

You simply do not have to manually adjust settings for different situations. And as said earlier, it helps to greatly improve the stereo experience of everyday listening.

And with Starkey's Pure Wave eliminator you can stop unwanted feedback noise. So the whistling, buzzing or screeching is largely gone in most instances. Do not worry about brushing your hair or getting a noise when you hug someone. It's gone so you do not have to sweat it.

The unit is also well protected from environmental challenges like sweat, moisture and dirt due to a proprietary coating and protection system. So when you sweat, you do not need to worry about contamination and corrosion. It's well protected.

The unit is available in several different models and can be customized for a perfect and comfortable fit. It is a very flexible solution which incorporates state of the art technology and features into products, which helps to bring a natural and fully satisfying listening experience to you every day.