For many, a hearing test can be one of the most important investments in their lives. This screening provides valuable information about a person's ability to hear, a sense that many take for granted until it stops working the way it should. It is very common for individuals to have basic screenings even at young ages, especially in toddlers and school-age children. However, the most significant time when loss can occur is when a person is older. Old age is the largest contributor to this type of physical deterioration.

Who Should Receive Screening?

A hearing test can be an ideal preventive measure to ensure nothing is wrong with a person's ability to hear, or it can be a good solution for monitoring a person's continuous loss as it occurs. If individuals do not receive them, it is possible that they will not realize that they are losing this ability, since it occurs primarily over a period of time in most people. Many different people should consider having a screening performed:

– Children, even those as young as two and three, should have proper screening of their ability to hear. It is even more important to do this if the child is showing any type of lack of development that reflects difficulties with the ability to hear.

– Individuals who work in areas where there is loud sound should have a screening on a regular basis. This includes those who work in an area where there is constant loud sound and in areas where very loud noise occurs less frequently.

– Those who take medications or receive treatment for various conditions should monitor the side effects of those medications. In some cases, medications can contribute to hearing loss.

– Those who are around the age of 45 or older may need to have a screening every two to three years. Those who are over the age of 60 should have one annually.

– Individuals who receive injuries to the ears or the side of the head may also need screenings over a period of time to ensure no damage has occurred. It is also necessary for those who deal with consistent ear infections to have this type of screening.

A hearing test can be a simple and effective way of improving a person's ability to function, since the ability to hear is so vital to daily life. By finding the problem and evaluating it, significant improvement can occur. Even so, many people do not know that they are dealing with a hearing loss, and they may not realize they need this type of treatment in the first place. Family members should encourage loved ones to seek out the appropriate treatment when it is necessary.