Has your doctor told you that you need a hearing test? Do not panic about it. In almost all situations, people will need to seek out these types of tests because they are a standard part of ensuring that your senses are working properly. In fact, children begin to have these screenings at an early age. As people stop going to their annual checkups, many times they stop having these screenings. However, there are individuals as young as 40 who will often be told by their doctors to have this type of screening done. It is often nothing to worry about having performed.

What To Expect

If you are told to seek out a specialist for a hearing test, this provider will work with you to test your ability to hear things. Because the function of the ear and the inner workings of the ear canal can not be watched and learned about just by looking at them, it is often necessary to put you through a series of simple tests to learn about the processes occurring – or not occurring – within the ear. There is no pain or discomfort involved in most cases.

You can expect to sit in a quiet space for most of the test. You will then wear headphones or place your head up against a device that will emit sounds. The sounds will come at various times. You will not know when they will occur. The doctor will tell you what to do when you hear them. Often times, you will need to raise your hand on the side of your body that you hear the sound. That's usually all there is to it.

Through the process, you will listen to various types of sounds. Some will be very faint. Some will be louder. Some may feel as though they are farther away, while others will be much closer. Just follow the instructions provided by raising your hand whenever you hear something. This tells the doctor not only if you can hear the sounds, but also what types of sounds you can not make out. This then provides information about the health of your ears and their inner workings.

Aside from these types of steps, it is likely that your doctor will perform a visual inspection of the canal and of the various structures within it. This provides even more information. You may need to have various tests performed to determine the extent of the problem, if there is one. You will also generally find yourself able to leave within a matter of minutes. Most of the time, a hearing test is not a long procedure at all, though it provides a wealth of information to the doctors.