Trained surgeons can fix most ear deformities no matter how severe they might be. An ear deformity occurs in two common ways. One of these ways is in children that are born with this condition. The other way is through an accident. If a person is injured in an accident and his or her ears were affected, the person might be left with these problems. In either case, trained cosmetic surgeons can fix these problems.

In children, ear deformities can range from mild to severe. In some cases the problem with the lies is that they are protruding. This would be considered a mild example. A severe example is of a child that is born without any ears at all. Another severe case is when a child is born with ears that are barely visible. They may look like small peanuts, or they might just be a lot smaller than they should be. When the doctor examines a person's ears, he or she will begin considering the options for treating these problems. The options that the doctor presents will be based on the condition of the individual case.

One of the main types of solutions for ear deformities is called a rib-graft reconstruction. This is a common procedure that can be used to treat mild to moderate cases of microtia. If the case is too severe, meaning that the person has no ears at all, prosthetic ears might be the best option. With a rib-graft reconstruction surgery, a doctor is able to use the person's tissue from around the rib cage to construct new ears or the remaining parts of the ears. This is a process that is very detailed and intricate. It requires precision, and the doctor must have experience doing this. In order to create normal and real looking ears in this manner, the doctor must carefully craft the new set of ears. These ears are attached to the body or the skin is simply added to the existing ears. Every case is very different, and doctors will keep this in mind when conducting the procedure.

Microtia is something that is found in babies when they are born. It is not discovered, in most cases, until after the baby is born, because it is too hard to see this on an ultrasound. There is yet another reason for ear deformities though. This reason is because of an accident. If a person was burned in a car accident or house fire, the person could be left with deformities to his or her ears. Doctors have treated many cases like this, and of course, each case is very different. The doctor can use the same techniques for cases like this, and a rib-graft reconstruction is the most common. Keep in mind that with this technique, the tissue used to reconstruct the ears is taken from the person's body. This eliminates the possibility of the body rejecting the tissue, and it usually results in better looking ears for the person.