There is a substantial mixture of all natural cures that are extremely effective for the regular sinus related migraine. The wide variety of options to pick from includes home cures, natural cures, homeopathic cures or even physical methods. The easing of the symptoms is attained by reducing the amount of tissue swelling and inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavities and discharge of mucous blocked in by the swollen tissues.

Here are some helpful remedies, for those suffering from a sinus related headache, which can be tried in the safety and comfort of their homes –

* Acupressure – Gently press down on the pressure points on either side of the nose for relief.

* Sleep – Taking a brief nap can also help, but use a decongestant spray beforehand, just in case.

* Massage – Gently massaging the skull near the sinus cavities can alleviate nasal pressure.

* Hot compress – A towel soaked in hot water, applied across the forehead also eases symptoms.

* Steam – Steam helps a great deal in moistening the mucus, easing the symptoms of the condition.
These options can be safely practiced within the comfort of the patient's own home and this is the reason why these find immunity popularity. These methods take time to show results but their gentle effect and lack of side effects makes them extremely popular.

However, there may be certain cases and conditions in which a much more efficient cure is required. Many homeowners opt for the chemical efficiency of retail medication and often end up having to deal with the associated side effects. Those, who wish to have a treatment free from any unwanted side effects, can opt for all natural remedies like –

* Combination peppermint and eucalyptus with steam offers a very potent solution to sinus congestion. The combo of warm steam and the decongestant herbs can furnish speedy relief from the symptoms. Simply boil some water in a pan, adding eucalyptus or peppermint and then inhaling the rising steam. Wrapping a towel around your head will also help.

* In the event that you feel that the scent of such herbs and spices is excessively overwhelming, making a tent by wrapping a towel around your head and then sniffing the steam for five minutes should be adequate as well.

* Ginger possesses anti inflammatory properties and is very effective in relieving pain. It can be mixed into a paste and then applied liberally to the patient's forehead.

The aforementioned toes can be of great help for those looking to free themselves of sinusitis symptoms, but do be sure to consult your physician before trying any remedy by yourself.