If you find or suspect that you are having some problems with your hearing, you may want to have it checked out. There is nothing worse than walking around trying to have conversations with your friends, family and colleagues, only to get frustrated because you are having trouble understanding what is being said. Not to mention the frustrations and concerns that may be gathering in the minds of those who care about you. There are a few symptoms of imminent hearing loss that will cause anyone to pause for concern. If you know what to be on the lookout for, the better your chances are for discovery and treatment.

Persistent ringing in the ears is not normal. From time to time, you may have an instance where you hear a slight ringing in your ears. Those times could be due to changes in the atmosphere, altitude or even water in your ears. You should not be too concerned if you hear ring after events that involve those factors. However, if you hear a ringing in your ears on a semi to regular basis, you need to go take a hearing test.

If you are around people and you start to have trouble making out what they are saying because it sounds distorted or muffled, you have a problem with your hearing. This can cause you to withdraw and avoid conversations and socializing. Many people who are having difficulties with hearing loss tend to end up depressed. Usually it is the friends and family of those who are suffering that notice that something is wrong.

Persistent bouts of vertigo could be a sign of hearing loss and even more serious health conditions like Ménière's disease, acoustic neuroma, or labyrinthitis. Since your sense of balance is tied directly to your inner ear, any damage or infections can cause you to be in a state of always being off balance. It is normal to experience vertigo when you have gone from one altitude to another, which often occurs in travelers. But if you find that no matter what you do, you still feel a bit tipsy all of the time, you need to go in for a hearing test.

Pain, injury and leakage from the ears are all very serious and need to be addressed right away. Anytime you sustain an injury to the eardrums, which can be caused by constant exposure to loud noises and sticking things in the ear canal; you are actually at risk of losing your hearing permanently. It is important to avoid if you can sustain any damage or injuries to your ears. This means you should wear protective earmuffs and headphones when necessary. Injuries to your eardrums can cause other health concerns to develop.

Sometimes, a person may experience no symptoms and a rapid onset of hearing loss happens. To find out the status of your hearing and get treatment, schedule an appointment at your nearest audiology center for a hearing test.