When a child is diagnosed with deformities of the ears, there are several microtia treatment options that doctors can use to help correct the problem. Before you choose the option that you feel is right for your child, you will want to make sure that you are using the best doctors around. You will want to choose a facility that is highly experienced in fixing cases of microtia, and you will want to know that the doctor that is doing the surgery is one that is trained to do this.

Some of the current microtia treatment options include rib-graft reconstruction, soft tissue reconstruction, polyethylene plastic implant and ear prosthetics. The option that is right for your child will depend on several things, but the primary factor is the condition of the ears. If the child has a very light case of microtia, the doctor may recommend a soft tissue reconstruction. This is one option that can only be used for mild cases. Another option is a rib-graft reconstruction. During this process, the doctor will create the reminder of the ear from cartilage that is taken from the person's rib area. This means that the ear is made from the person's own tissue. This will result in a more successful surgery because the body will never reject its own tissue. It also results in fewer injections and these surgeries often result in more natural looking ears.

Many doctors will not even offer plastic ear implants and there are several important reasons for this. If a doctor can use a person's own tissues, the chances of success are much higher. When a foreign substance is used for any part of the body, the body may not accept this substance. This can cause major problems, and it can result in needing to conduct the surgery again. If the body rejects the substance, the person may be able to take medicines that will help the body accept it. These medications do not always work. This is another reason why doctors like to use the skin from the person that is having this done. Some parents will ask about donating their tissue or using animal tissue. While this may work in some cases, there is a much higher chance that the body will reject the tissue.

Finally, if this microtia treatment option does not work, there is one other option. The doctor can install prosthetic ears on a patient. These are completely artificial ears; however, they can appear very real. If a doctor is really good at the job, he or she may be able to conduct this procedure in a way that leaves the patient with ears that look great. Whatever option your doctor suggests, you should know that it will improve the way your child looks. Although you love your child just the way he or she is, you will not want him or her to grow up with this type of embarrassment. There are microtia treatment options, and the only way you will learn more about them is by talking to doctors that conduct these procedures.