Are you in need of some hearing aid help? Your device sounding weak, distorted, or even just not working? There could have been a simple cause behind the breakdown … a simple cause with a simple fix! Before you rush to the repair shop, try a few things at home! Remember – never do anything to your aid that makes you feel uncomfortable. You do not want to damage the aid further. If you do not feel comfortable, call your professional for an appointment and additional advice!

In simple terms, your aids must be clear of obstacles, properly powered, and correctly operated to provide the clear sound quality needed on a daily basis. Simple techniques can be implemented to prevent dysfunction. Keeping the instrument cleaned and daily maintained can help you avoid equipment breakdowns due to issues like obstructions or moisture build up.

Obstructions are a common cause of dysfunction. If the erection is not too deep within the mechanics of the aid, the answer may be as simple as a quick cleaning! First gently wipe down the outside with a dry soft cloth to remove built up wax and skin. Note: water and soap are not to be used directly on the device, but may be acceptable to clean an earmold if it is removed from the hearing aid first. Using a wax pick or loop, typically provided when purchasing your hearing aids, gently pick away any wax or debris from the vents and receiver openings. Be careful not to press too deeply.

Moisture and humidity may also cause hearing aid dysfunction. To rid your hearing aid of any moisture, place the hearing aid in a dehumidifier, desiccant, or bag of dry rice. Remember to remove the battery prior to dehumidifying, as the battery will drain faster this way.

Correct voltage is necessary for the aid to have power. You may have purchased defective or weak batteries. The battery may not be the proper size or may be placed improperly. Check and replace batteries as necessary.

This last check may seem insulting, but it happens to the best of us. If your hearing aid has a power switch, is it on? Check the power button, volume wheel, and battery doors to make sure that the battery should indeed be coming on! If this is your problem, do not feel embarrassed – be thankful it was such a simple fix !!!

If you continue to have issues after checking these few things, contact your professional for advice. Do not try alternative fixes without proper instruction! Do not feel ashamed to admit you need help – that is what they are there for !!!