The loud honking of cars, the cacophony of myriads of vehicles in the busy city streets, the blaring sounds from the loudspeakers may hardly treat your ear drums even for a minute. While in your cottage also the ears are not exempted from the high pitched grizzle of a hand blender, kitchen mixer or at times the creaky noise of a land mower. Relentless exposure to loud noise is affecting many and they are suffering from ear problems. Research reveals that more than 28 million are affected with hearing loss. People with an age over 75 have a serious hearing impairment that affects their social activities and normal interaction with others. The excessive loud noise is a threat to all – from babies to oldies.

Clinical health problems such as aging, genetic factors, ear infections, severe ear injury or sometimes drug perniciousness may lead to auditory loss. However taking certain preventive measures may lessen the degree and the risk of hearing loss. A check up is required to ensure if a person is suffering from hearing damage. Preliminary screening programs are conducted at the clinic of an audiologist or an otolaryngologist. The Dial a Hearing Screening Test is an effective hearing test. The test is not connected through any diagnostic device, but through a screening test as prepared by the hearing aid center.

The Dial a Hearing Screening Test has in it eight tested technical tones that are tried on the patients. If the patient undergoing the test fails to hear any of the sound, the he is advised to go for further consultation. Hearing of teenagers these days get more frequently damaged for their habit of listening to loud music. Teenagers must understand that avoiding loud music played in parties, pubs and discotheques might seriously and permanently damage their hearing forever. Prolonged loud music is even more sabotaging to the ears.

Kids may also have hearing problems which can be easily spotted from reactions or late reactions to voices or sounds around. If a child is spotted having hearing problems immediately actions must be taken, following the advice of a doctor. Sometimes ear infection may cause hearing loss, which may result in delay their speech. However a regular speech therapy of the child may be of help to a great extent. Ear infections must not be left unattended. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the child gets the right treatment at the right time. If left unattended it may lead to severe and serious hearing problems. Modern hearing aids are better, smaller, lighter and trendy which make them more appealing to the teenagers. The biggest advantages of such aids are able to amplify the sound making the background noise less audible. Cochlear implantation is also recommended by doctors to patients suffering from hearing loss.