Research indicates that patients that suffer from an untreated condition experience more social isolation and depression compared to individuals of equal age who wear hearing devices. The depression and isolation is usually the result of how the hearing loss has affected the person's quality of life. A person may refrain from their child's sporting events because they can not comprehend much of the game, or they may skip out on their favorite musical concert because they have difficulty understanding the songs. Hearing loss can also affect a person's home environment as they constantly turn up the television and radio to volumes that are painfully loud to others.

One in 10 Americans are affected by hearing loss and most wait over 5 years to see a doctor for an evaluation. Studies indicate that properly fitted hearing aids could significantly increase a person's degree of hearing and thus improve their overall quality of life. If you visit a hearing center to get a thorough hearing test, it may be determined that you have hearing loss and the following are some benefits of wearing a hearing device:

• A hearing aid can help a person who has experienced auditory deprivation from ongoing loss. This condition causes a decrease in speech understanding and a device has proved to help this problem.

• These devices provide a binaural advantage where a person who wears 2 gets a better level of hearing than just wearing one

• Weaving a hearing aid can have a significant impact on a person's emotional and social life as they participate in many of the activities they enjoyed in the past.

• Evidence shows that individuals with hearing loss that do no wear an ear device have an economic disadvantage as they make less money than those with hearing loss that wear their hearing devices

When you visit a center to get an assessment of your hearing ability, you can learn many of the advantages of modern hearing devices. If you feel self-conscious of wearing a hearing aid because you do not want to look like your grandma when she wears her, you should note that many on the market today are actually invisible but still provide the user with excellent performance in very noisy environments . Call, schedule, and appointment at a hearing center to get your assessed evaluated where you will begin with a free consultation, comprehensive hearing test, and if applicable, recommendations on a hearing device that is right for you.