Individuals who experience hearing loss have a chronic condition that affects almost 35 million individual in the US To get an assessment of your level of hearing impairment you can visit a reputable hearing center that may result in you getting fit with a leading hearing aid technology. Some of the hearing technology available today can provide you with great features to include free personal programming, free cleanings and adjustment, free 3-year warranty, and free annual office visit and screenings. The hearing center can help you reconnect with the sounds of your surroundings that you have always enjoyed.

During you free consultation and hearing test, the hearing specialist will do an evaluation of your ability to hear. The results of your test will provide you and your hearing specialist with detailed information of your hearing injury so the best solution can be found for you. You may be offered a full range of the highest quality hearing aids available. You can choose from a wide range of styles, such as those that are invisible to the ones that fit behind the ear. There are also hearing devices that are designed to fit a multitude of lifestyles such as those that are dustproof, water proof and shockproof. Additional options in hearing devices are ones that will increase your listening comfort by reducing the amount of sudden loud noise, those that have the ability of wireless connectivity to cell phones, reduces feedback noises, decrees wind noises, and much more.

The following are some common symptoms and signs of hearing impairment:

• You believe others are mumbling when they are actually talking

• You can not keep up with a fast moving conversation

• You avoid social gathering to avoid the embarrassment of not hearing well

• You constantly ask others to repeat themselves

• You find it hard understanding what children and women say

• You make other uncomfortable with how loud you turn up the radio or TV

• You have a hard time hearing conversation over the phone

• Noisy places make hearing difficult

• There are certain words you have a hard time understanding

If you are experiencing any of the above or more problems with your hearing ability, your best option might be to contact a reputable hearing center to schedule a consultation. You can follow through with a thorough hearing test where if you have hearing loss, you can be custom fit with a hearing device that will be the best solution to address your needs.