Around 20% of American adults claim to have some level of impairment, making this condition one of the most common health problems in the US A whooping 80% of adults with hearing loss have not been treated or even diagnosed. If you feel that you have an injury, you can schedule a thorough assessment and hearing test by a professional hearing specialist at a center. This test will be painless, quick, and usually free of charge. If you find out you have hearing loss, a hearing specialist can help you make a decision on a listening device that will help you get the most enjoyment out of the relationships from the people around you by having the ability to hear them more effectively.

Hearing loss could be a normal part of the aging process with changes in hearing starting as early as age 20. A person can experience a significant decline in their hearing ability around the age of 40 and at age 65 and beyond a 3rd of the individuals in the US report some level of hearing loss. Some common causes of hearing impairment include continuous exposure to loud noises (rock band music, construction, machinery) genetic, birth defects, infections, and aging, injury to the ear or head, and reactions to drug remedies.

During your visit at a hearing center, the trained specialist will start things out by typically conducting your free initial consultation. You will also have a free hearing test where you can discuss all the problems you have been experiencing with your hearing, when you first started to notice the problem and much more. During your test, the hearing specialist will ask questions and listen to your concerns so they can a thorough assessment of your health history. Before your test, you may be asked to bring a companion with you where you both will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to evaluate your listening ability.

At the conclusion of your tests, if it is determined that you will need a hearing aid in order to begin hearing more effectively, a trained technician will show you a variety of listening devices they have. You can choose the hearing aid that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Call and schedule a time to meet with a highly trained hearing specialist at a professional hearing center. You can start enjoying life more as you hear better, and can get a listening device with a 3 year limited warranty, free adjustments and cleaning, personalized programming and more.