Many people think that they are too young to be losing their ability to hear. Well, for many people there is a sense that others do not speak or respond when they speak. Sometimes a person may feel irritable or moody for no reason. Other times, although you have had issues with neighbors and roommates complaining about the level of the television or radio. These are all signs that there may be a cause for concerns and that a person should schedule a hearing test.

The problem with many youth is that they feel that deafness is a problem that only affects the elderly. Well, there was a time when that was true, but unfortunately the trend has shifted, according to audiologists. Today, the number one cause of deafness is continuous and frequent exposure to very loud noises. In fact, nearly a third of those seeking help for these conditions are coming in because they say they are feeling like they are having a harder time distinguishing different sounds. Fortunately, a hearing test can determine if damage has occurred, and it will provide a doctor with the information necessary to treat it.

This trend should not suggest that constantly listening to airline engines and construction equipment causes all of the problems leading to the need for a hearing test. Rather, the problem is that more people are being exposed to more loud noise for short periods of time, and it is happening with increasing regularity. The concert that a person saw on the weekend is combined with the flight that they took to see their grandma, and the traffic noise on the interstate, and the sound of the neighbor mowing the lawn, etc. We are subjecting our ears to more high volume sounds than ever before. It is these short bursts of high volume that are causing these conditions in increasingly younger people.

Now that it is clear why it is necessary to have a hearing test at any age and to make sure to catch this sort of damage early, one should make an appointment with an audiologist. These doctors can perform the appropriate procedures to assess whether there is a need for correction to better address the needs of your ears. Do not worry about the embarrassment and stigma of using auditory aids either. These have become so widespread that almost no one will think twice about the fact that you wear one. Also, the technology has advanced to a point that there are now units that are so discreet that they are almost completely understood within the ear canal. This means that it is possible for anyone to wear these devices and have no one be the wiser.