In order to hear, the outer ear gathers sound waves and guides them through the ear canal. As the vibrations hit the eardrum, the middle ear bones direct the vibrations to the inner ear fluid. This process causes the stimulation of small nerve endings known as hair cells, which change the vibrations to impulses. The impulses then travel to your brain where you are able to understand them as sounds you recognize.

If you have experience hearing loss, you may have experienced some or all of the following signs and symptoms:

• You may believe others are not speaking as clear as the use to or that people are constantly mumbling

• You have a family history of hearing problems

• You are frequently exposed to high noise levels

• You have a growing irritability or nervous tension from your efforts to hear

• You constantly watch others faces intentionally when you are in conversation to understand what they are saying and you strain to hear conversation

• You frequently misunderstand what others are saying in conversation and ask them to repeat themselves

• Others complain about the loudness when you constantly increase the radio or television volume

• You have a condition condition that may have attributed to your hearing loss

• You are taking medications that have contributed to your hearing loss
If you have experienced signs or symptoms of hearing loss, you can schedule a consultation at a hearing center in order to get a hearing test performed. The hearing test will be delivered by a well-trained audiologist in order to gather information about your hearing health. Through a thorough physical exam and a series of hearing tests, you can find out if you possibly have one of the 2 common types of hearing loss; conductive and sensori- neural. Your next step is when one of the hearing specials shows you options in a hearing aid device that can be both affordable to you and fit your lifestyle.

If you are tired of missing the sounds around you, your next step should be to visit a hearing center in order to get a hearing test. Your test may be free and can result in you finding the right device to suit you. The experts at the center will ask you a series of questions to determine if there is any aspect of your environment that may be contributing to your hearing loss. The questions may also indicate the degree of hearing loss you may have experienced. The entire treatment process at the hearing center can help you find out your needs, and provide you with options to improve your hearing.