You can get a hearing test at a hearing aid provider, at your doctor's office, or through a professional audiologist. There are even online screenings you can try. Although, these are not nearly as accurate or reliable as the kind of screening you can have done through a professional source. Why bother with a screening? The sooner you can diagnose a problem with your ears, the sooner you can get the treatment you need. While a thorough remedy for the problem is not always possible, assistive devices can make coping with auditory loss much easier.

Auditory Impairment

A hearing test is used to diagnoseose auditory impairment. This can be either temporary or permanent in nature and can be due to noise damage, age related degradation, or even earwax. Sometimes the problem is genetic in nature and can be present from the time of birth. The most common type of auditory loss, however, is experienced gradually and it affects millions of Americans. While not always directly attributable to high volumes and noise, it very often is. Many victims of the issue are not even aware of it until it is brought to their attention by friends or family members.


Noise and volume are the largest culprits when it comes to inducing auditory loss. Experts who give individuals a hearing test can often trace the cause of a poor score back to noise related damage. Depending on how gradually the problem has progressed, the volume level may not even need to be that significant. As long as it is just barely over the safe threshold, it can cause serious issues given enough time. Lawnmowers, motorcycle engines, concerts, and even listening to loud music in the home can lead to damage in time.


Auditory loss does not always need to be a function of noise damage. Plenty of people who have gone to great lengths to protect their ears have been no less intolerable to issues as they get older. While this is no reason to throw up your hands and say, “Why bother,” it's important to understand that these things just happen sometimes. Age brings on inner ear changes and these can sometimes lead to reduced sensory abilities. If you've noticed that you can not hear as well as you could when you were younger, it may be worth it to seek out a hearing test. There could be solutions to help you cope with your problems.