Have you heard the expression silence is golden? More than 20 million Americans that are dealing with a degree of hearing loss, but many are hopeful that they will never have to worry about it. Due to all the advances in technology for modern hearing units, many people can experience an improvement in their hearing to once again enjoy all the sounds of the environment.

Due to a former president wearing the devices, it made everyone feel that they were acceptable to wear. The former president was spotted wearing one of the ear canal devices. He would also discuss all the issues surrounding his loss of hearing without worrying about what others had to say.

Out of the 20 million Americans with a loss of hearing, only 12 percent will actually use a hearing aid. The majority of those who know they have a hearing problem will wait five years before they actually do anything about the problem. Hearing instruments come along with a stigma that makes them quite undesirable for most people. Many people believe that hearing aids are uncomfortable and heavy, as well as a sign that they are getting older.

Even though most adults assume that aging marriages upon their loss of hearing, numerous children suffer with a loss of hearing. Over the last 50 years the hearing aid has come farter than one might think. Numerous technologies help to make losing one's hearing that much less uncomfortable. The most compact unit on the market is the canal aid, which is also the newest one for those with loss of hearing.

Due to the president that once bore this unit, it was given the nickname of “Reagan Aid”. Just over a year ago, the canal aids were built with exceptional technology that is custom-made to fit directly into the ear canal. They are very noticeable and only weigh a couple of grams. Their design is to emphasize all the sounds at an elevated pitch, but they are not for those with severe levels of loss.

Even though the device might be cosmetically appealing, the smaller size can create a few problems. Quality control for the aids in the canal is not at the levels they need to be, and the amount of units produced comes in a limited supply. They are the most popular of all the units, but they are also in high demand.

Due to the size of the device, larger amounts of the unit can not be mass-produced at a competitive price. When it boils down to which model is the most popular, the behind the ear models are by far the favorite. Over half sales are based upon the BTE models.

Roughly, half of all sales are attributed to an aid in the ear, which is a close relation to that of the canal aids. Many men choose a canal aid if they are given the choice, while women go for the BTE version since it is easy to cover with their hair. Even though the BTE aids are growing in popularity, there are other devices still being manufactured.