Hearing devices can be incredibly expensive, sometimes more expensive than you can afford to handle on your own. Many veterans can qualify for practically free hearing aids through programs set up by the US Department of Internal Affairs, but if you are not a veteran, you are on your own when it comes to purchasing this expensive necessity.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not include an allowance for hearing aids, although you can typically get most doctor's exams and hearing exams related to obtaining your prescription covered. Additionally, most health insurance policies offer very little in the way of coverage for hearing aids, and if they do, this coverage typically involves a very high premium or a very low coverage benefit.

In most instances, it will fall to you to finance your own plan. For those with limited means and significant needs, there are organizations that want to help you acquire hearing devices at a price you can afford. Here is a few organizations that can help, courtesy of Consumer Reports.

  1. Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project, an offering of the Lions Club International Foundation, helps hearing-aid consumers unable to purchase aids. This program offers 2 behind-the-ear styles of aids via CC Saha Limited. (Keep in mind that the style offered may not be best for your hearing loss.) Contact your local Lions chapter for more information.
  2. Hear Now, is sponsored by Starkey Hearing Foundation and offers hearing machines to individuals who are in particular difficult financial situations .. Supplier offerings, healthcare provider assistance, and individual donors source the bulk of this aid in the United States. In 2009, the cutoff income for a given individual was $ 18,403, and $ 24,675 total for a couple.
  3. Sertoma takes advantage of the low cost of refurbished hearing machines to help provide individuals with purchasing to suit their needs.
  4. For those with a lower income, state Medicaid programs can help in it with a very limited means. Social services in your area can inform you regarding your eligibility for this program. The testing that may be in employment by the audiologist almost always involves the use of a unique device called an audiometer.

Thanks to the efforts of these groups, you stand a much better chance of being able to finance the hearing aids you need. Contact these organizations through the links provided on their websites, and you will be well on your way to affordable hearing.