Hearing loss is a very common condition affecting as many as 50 million Americans. When you realize that you are no longer hearing as you once could, you are going to want to take the time to look for some effective hearing loss solutions. The first step in finding a solution to your condition is determining its cause.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can cause temporary hearing loss. Some people do not experience pain when they have an ear infection, so they may assume that their hearing loss has another cause. However, if the loss comes on suddenly and is accompanied by a cold, it may be due to an ear infection. Medication and time to allow the body to heal typically clear up this problem.

Fluid on the Ear

Fluid buildup on the ear can prevent sound from properly transmitting to the brain. This is also usually a temporary condition bought by a cold or allergies. However, if the fluid is not effectively draining on its own, than medical intervention may be necessary.

One option is called a myringotomy. This involves the piercing of the eardrum to allow the fluids to drain. Sometimes inserting a tube into the Eustachian tube can allow fluid to drain. This is commonly done in people who suffer from frequent ear infections.

Growths or Wax in the Ear

People can sometimes develop small tumors or growths in the ear. These can block the transmission of sound. Surgical removal of these growths can restore hearing.

Likewise, wax buildup in the ear can cause mild hearing loss. This does not need surgery to remove, but sometimes a doctor or nurse is best qualified to remove the wax if the buildup is severe. Otherwise, home care with a wax removal kit can give relief.

Solutions for Permanent Loss Of Hearing

Loss not due to growths, fluid or infections is typically due to damage in the ear and can not be reversed. Once the structure and function of the ear is damaged, it is not something that can be fixed. In these instances, the proper solution for hearing loss is going to be a device to amplify sounds so the individual can better decipher them. Hearing aids are the most common option. These do not give complete correction, but they do often provide sufficient amplification for an individual to properly converse with others again.

If you think that the best hearing loss solution for your situation is a hearing aid, schedule an appointment with a qualified audiologist. With a specialized hearing test, you can decide if you are a good candidate for hearing aids. If you are, a simple device can help restore your hearing again.