Hearing instruments were once unattractive and embarrassing to the wearer. They were large, clunky, uncomfortable, cumbersome, and often emitted high squeals. Most of the negative connotations lingering about hearing impairment and the need to wear hearing aids are based on the old school hearing aid models.

It's because of these visions that many people deny the possibility that they may be experiencing hearing loss for as long as possible. They are self-conscious of how they will look in hearing aids and worried that others will consider them old or disabled. They are afraid they will not be able to enjoy life in the same way.

Fortunately, those big, ugly hearing instruments are things of the past. The latest hearing instruments are small, sleek and discrete. Plus, they contain top of the line technology to bring the wearer sharp sound with ease.

There are dozens of hearing instrument manufacturers. Each brand has a long list of models available. The hearing instrument industry spreadss millions of dollars each year on research and the testing of new technology.

The invisible hearing device is one of the most advanced and exciting technological advances in hearing aid technology. This type of hearing aid, such as Phonak's Lyric model, consist of tiny devices that are worn completely inside the ear. This makes it invisible to the rest of the world. No one except the wearer and their medical team even need to know that they have suffering hearing loss or need to wear hearing devices if they do not want the information made public.

Invisible hearing aids are good options for many people and situations. Your audiologist can tell you if this type of hearing device is a good fit for your specific situation. Other hearing aid options include units that are digital, wireless or water-resistant. Your hearing instrument provider will explain the advantages and challenges of the different types of hearing aids on the market and help you make the best choice to meet your unique needs.

Do not be embarrassed to let the hearing specialist know that appearance is very important to you if that's the case. Their job is to help you find hearing devices that you will be comfortable using in order for them to have the greatest impact. Tell them what your concerns are so they can steer you in the right direction. Thousand of people of all ages suffer hearing loss each year for a variety of reasons.

You are not alone and your situation is not as unique as you think. Thanks to the advances in hearing device technology, you may have friends who wear hearing devices without you even knowing it.