Your doctor says you need a hearing test. You schedule an appointment with a specialist and do not know what to expect. You know you are struggling to hear some of the things happening around you but you may not believe there's anything that needs to be done. After all, you still do the things you like to do. You have no problem communicating with others. You may not realize just how important the next few hours will be to your health and to your overall well-being. For many people, this process is a simple way to improve their life and they often do not realize how well they can do that until they level.

The Initial Screening

The first step is to have a hearing test. This initial screening is a process that takes just a few minutes. During it, the following will occur.

• You will be asked questions about your medical history. You will also be asked if anyone in your family struggles from a lack of the ability to hear.

• You will be given a questionnaire to answer. This provides information about what you are experiencing, such as what things you seem to struggle with, if anything.

• You will then have a series of testing procedures. You will be told what to do, usually to raise your hand on the side of your body that you hear the sounds being funneled into your ears through headphones.

• You will have the levels of sound tested. These tests the decibels you can hear and those that you can not.

• You will also have frequencies tested, also known as tones. This is a series of different types of sounds to determine if there are any you can not hear.

After having this screening, you will then learn if you have any loss of the ability to hear. If there is some level of loss, your specialist will talk to you about this and determine if there is a need for you to have a device. The devices can help to make sounds louder so that you can hear them better. It is not as hard to obtain or use as you may think. Rather, the process is all about finding the right fit for you. In many cases, you can take home the device the same day.

A hearing test is likely to take just a few minutes. However, the information provided to you during this screening is vital. It can help you to finally get the information you need and want to have to improve your quality of life. If you do nothing about it, you could end up struggling for years to come.