Your doctor recommended that you have a hearing test. You know the importance of having one, but you are unsure if you can make time. You are busy, and you feel that having one done is not as important as your doctor thinks it is. The problem is that conditions can worsen quickly. During the time that you go without treatment to a problem you may have, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. To avoid this, schedule an appointment for a screening, either at your doctor's office or through a specialist. Find out what is happening so you can do something about it.

When Not To Wait

There are some situations in which you should not wait to have a hearing test. These are situations in which you may be putting yourself at risk if you do not seek out additional help. Keep in mind that you should always follow your doctor's recommendations before anything else. However, seeking out a specialist is a good idea for anyone who does feel there is a need for this type of testing. The results given from these specialists are more thorough and accurate. Get the opinion of a specialist if you have recently encountered any of the following problems:

– You have pain or discomfort in your ears. Sometimes, the loss of the ability to hear is not just related to the eardrum or you getting older. Rather, it could have due to an infection lurking in your ear.

– You have taken a new medication or received treatment, and you are noticing a significant drop in your ability to hear well. This could be a side effect. It may or may not be permanent. You should not wait to tell your doctor in any case.

– You were involved in a car accident or other incident, in which you injured your head, ear or neck, and you are experiencing some loss of the ability to hear. When this occurs, or there is a risk that such a problem could develop, it is a good idea to seek out help right away.

– You are experiencing any type of sudden loss of the ability to hear. This can happen after a loud noise or a gunshot occurs near your ear. When it happens, it could indicate damage to the eardrum. It could be permanent unless you get help for it sooner rather than later.

– You have not had a test in a long time and you, your family or your doctor know there is some hearing loss occurring. When this happens, seek help.

Do not put off a hearing test. After all, it is one step closer to solving your problem and restoring your quality of life in many cases.